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Spring makeup tutorial for fresh spring days

Spring makeup tutorial is something we all need after a hard long winter we all just been through. Saying that, it is often quite hard to get the right get it right, when it comes to combining colours and applying layers.

Personally, I adore anything to do with make up and I spend hours watching tutorials on YouTube, just I am not good enough to ever do it myself. Even when I try my best I often end up looking simply dirty.

Well, knowing my strengths and weaknesses, I asked for help from the expert.

My friend and makeup artist Carla Simons from Carla Simons Lifestyle helped me to create a fresh spring look that will have me going to all the spring parties and lunches.

Carla created dewy flawless complexion that completely transformed my skin from dull to glowy, radiant and bronze cheeks with contour and highlights that would shame even Kim Kardashian.

She imagined for spring a dreamy smokey eye look that is intense enough to be noticed but airy enough not to overpower the rest of the look or the outfit.

The difference between this and other smokey looks is that this one can take you from lunchtime meetings to clubbing in the evening. It is demure enough for the day and seductive enough for the evening.

Carla finished my look with gentle pinky nude lips to perfectly accompany the smokiness of the eye and bronzes of the complexion.

I know that I have learned a lot editing this video, but I hope this tutorial will inspire you to do some of the makeup yourself.

Listed below are all the products Carla used for this look.

Hopefully, you enjoyed our video and please let us know what other looks should we recreate for you.

Lots of love,

Maggie and Carla




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