Happy valentine’s day, celebrating or not.

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happy valentines

Wether or not you like Valentines, the fact is you can’t avoid it. Single or in a relationship, it’s impossible to ignore all the love cards, roses and hearts from every shop window. The whole thing is a bit more annoying if you are not even remotely in love and the only person you can buy a gift to is your cat.

Single or not, I’ve always thought that February is such a depressing month that it needs a holiday. There has to be a reason to raise the glass and have a bit of fun, whether it was with your significant other or with your ride or die, mates.

Well, the old saying goes: ”if you can’t change them, join them.”

And that’s what I did this year, I’m going out with my fiance and I’m wearing all red dress to our celebratory dinner.

I know, it’s very expected to wear red for Valentines, but in my defence red is the colour of the season. To make the whole outfit pop even more and I’m pairing it with purple boots for some cool colour blocking effect.

The rest of the outfit I will keep simple with big sunglasses and white bag being the only accessory.

As everyone knows, the real Valentines day accessory is always underneath the clothes and this year I opted for some lovely lace ensembles that I’ve got from Asos. I will add some links at the end of the post.

If you are anything like me, you left the decision on the outfit and the gifts to the last minute so I will add some suggestions on that as well.




I hope you like my Valentine’s day outfit and that I at least helped a bit with the decisions.

Have a happy and love full Valentine’s day.

Lots of love,


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