Wear knitwear and leather to beat the cold weather

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Knitwear and leather

Knitwear and leather is my go to casual winter outfit combo.

Sometimes the hardest outfits to pick are the simplest ones. Wether you are going just to the nail salon just to do your nails or you are a mum on the school run, or just going grocery shopping but thinking you might run into your future husband, it’s difficult to find an outfit that is casual and warm but stylish enough in the same time.

Leather leggings give you exactly that, casual but pull together look. They are comfy enough for running around but their leather finish gives them sophistication and formality.

One thing I like about winter is you can wear a knitted sweater to everything. Love my beige cable knit boxy sweater, it’s warm, comfortable and soft. The contrast of soft knitwear and hard leather is what makes this outfit unique. For a touch of class add a preppy white shirt. Don’t worry if you borrowed it from the boys, no one will snitch. For a bit more modern touch I rounded up this look with a trendy pearl embellished beret.

Camel is such a good colour, a perfect colour for combining regardless of being a summer or winter season. Any camel piece you buy you will wear multiple times. In the summer you can wear it with whites and in the winter with blacks or browns. Either way, a camel item of clothing will give you multitude of outfit combinations.

White trainers and Louis Vuitton satchel are a staple piece that for me go with almost anything.

If 2010’s will be famous for something in the future, it will be for the white sneakers.

I hope you like my casual Thursday outfit and I hope to see you soon for some more of the fashion ides.

Let me know what are your favourite casual winter outfits.

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