Pink velvet suit will get you anywhere

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Pink velvet suit

A Pink velvet suit is a the feminist version of corporate fashion.

A Pink velvet suit is such a good, good outfit for these late autumn days. November is one of those transitional months when temperatures get quite low but it still might be too warm for a fur coat or puffer jacket.

The question appears – what to wear in those beautiful autumn days, especially if you are going to work or for some business meetings.

As I’m heading out today for a very important business meeting I dressed up a bit, and as I’m representing my blog I wanted my outfit to be feminine, girly but still ooze business seriousness.

As I live with my boyfriend I was thinking to myself: “what would he wear to an important meeting”, and the answer was pretty clear – the suit. I don’t wanna go for manly, navy, brown or even black suit but for something much more feminine, something that will be warm, stylish and sleek in the same time. Pink velvet suit. With millennial, nude pink is one of my favourite shades of the colour and it’s one of the colours that is featured on my blog theme.

I feel when clients see me wearing it, with my page opened in front of them, the theme spreads outside the page onto life and they can have the live visual of what my blog is all about. Discovering ways to make dull days and business outfits more approachable and fun.

To make the suit more modern, instead of wearing it with a white business shirt I opted for a sleek white roll neck. Instead of heels I opted for backless Gucci loafers, also in nude pink. Instead of a briefcase I’m wearing a small white Prada bag. Carrie Bradshaw wrote for Vogue that a Prada bag should always go with an investment banker, but I hope it will go with a clients investment this time.

I hope you like my feminine corporate look and I hope I will see you again. Please let me know what are your feminine business looks?

Lots of love


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