How to colour block this fall/winter season

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Colour block to brighten up gloomy winter days

Colour block – ing is not a new term and definitely is not a new idea. But it is to me.

I’ve been trying to embrace the trend for years but somehow I couldn’t make myself do it. I didn’t like Gucci’s green and purple colour combo and I definitely can’t handle pink and red together. I don’t know why, but it doesn’t sit with me. I’m just so old school like that. But the other day my burgundy sweater fell on my hot pink trousers while getting changed and it was like one of those “come to Jesus” moments. All of a sudden I’ve seen I only needed to find the right colour scheme to embrace the colour blocking into my wardrobe.

Maybe it’s because with the end of the autumn, these earthy tones seem more attractive to me and maybe it’s just in the rainy and gloomy day like today a pop of hot pink adds a bit of colour to my life too.

This look is such a great choice whether you are going to school or work, with exception that for work I would probably wear patent loafers or even white heel boots.

Light grey coat will wrap you nicely if you feel a bit cold only wearing a jumper but as I go everywhere in the car and there is underground car park almost anywhere these days, I often forget to take one.

If you are going for drinks after work, hot pink sateen trousers will be such a good transitional item. Add some heels and you are ready to go.

Last but not least, how cool is my new Casio gold analog watch? I saw it online and went crazy over it. Down below there is a link to buy it.

Hopefully you like my version of colour blocking. Please let me know what is your favourite colour blocking combo.

I hope to see you soon back on my blog.

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