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black and white

Black and white outfit is easy go to business attire

Coco Chanel said: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off”’ but how real is that in today’s day and age, when everything is over saturated with styling and accessories?

As I was working on a fashion week as one thing or a another for the most of my life, sometimes I get a bit too much into these outfits I create. With adding bunch of accessories, earrings necklaces and bunch of other stuff the clothes can often look a bit costumy. I often go overboard with add ons in fashion and in life and sometimes is such a good feeling to strip back to basics, especially when it’s about business attire.

Today I’ve decided to keep my look really, really simple but in the same time effective and professional looking.

A classic white pant is such a perfect way to easy into winter dressing. Versatile and easy combinable item will go well with chunky knits as well as sleek shirts or jumpers.

There is something so sophisticated in simple black and white outfit. It makes you look clean and put together.

Lately I’ve been trying the 3:1 or 2:2 formula, that is keeping the same colour on the same part of the body. For example, if I’m wearing black top I will put black bag and jacket and with white trousers, I intentionally opted for white court shoes. I feel this way the outfit gives a bit more of minimalistic feel.

Hopefully you like my simple black and white outfit and please let me know what is your favourite simple ensemble. Please let me know what kind of post would you like to see more on the blog.

Hope to see you soon.

Lots of love,


black and white


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