White boots in outfit number two – with daytime sequins

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Break the rules and wear sequins for the day.

It’s well known that everyone hates Monday, even more, if you had an eventful weekend behind you. It’s hard enough you have to go to work, let alone look put together.

As I promised in my last blog post, I am today again blogging about the clothes you can wear with this season’s super popular white boots. Even though the focus of the entire outfit is the boots, the real star is the midi sequins skirt.
Designers have put sequins, this and next season, on almost everything so it’s now time to embrace it in our everyday attire. The dressing down approach has been all over streetwear and unorthodox pairings like athleisure in after dark dressing it has been around for a few years already so it doesn’t surprise that the evening wear trend is taking over office clothing.

Wearing a usual and simple garment of clothes like a skirt made of the unusual material is a clever way to turn an everyday workwear into a head-turning outfit.
I have a meeting with my agent today to discuss new clients, and even though he is not the one I need to impress, I want to arrive to a meeting feeling confident and give out the vibe that I mean business.
Pairing an iridescent midi skirt with white roll neck makes this staple evening attire a bit more casual, while a black blazer gives it an unusual business twist and turns the whole look into a power pairing.
Even though sequins at first glance don’t seem very office appropriate it’s time to rework the trend and incorporate it in your wardrobe in a new, innovative way.

Life may not always be glossy, but that’s not a reason why your outfit can’t be.
After all, imagine the face of your boss and office gossip girls when you show up on a Monday morning on a staff meeting lighting up the room like a disco ball. Also, remember all the forgotten New Year Eve’s outfits that with a smart revamp can see a completely new light.
Please let me know what is your opinion of the shiny trend and will you be rocking it this season.
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