Grey sweater and purple boots equals cosy and fun outfit

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grey sweater

Grey (sweater) whether needs some bright outfits

There is no better way to ease into a weekend than wearing a cozy sweater.
Sweater weather is here and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

I’m a not a big fan of the cold and I will take beach 🏖 vee ski holiday anytime but I live in England where it’s cold pretty much the whole year and I need to embrace my surroundings.
So there we go, a sweater a day…

I’ve chosen this outfit for more reasons than one. It’s convenient because it’s comfortable and I can hide my bloated stomach from lunch or dinner and in the same time because of the thigh high boots looks sexy.
Coloured long boots are such a big trend this season and almost all of the designers and high street brand have done their version of it.

Mines are from EGO shoes and are a super cheap version of the Balenciaga ones. I was actually contemplating of getting the designer ones, but I liked the angle on these a bit more. Obviously, let’s be honest, the price has played a huge role in a decision process. I didn’t feel comfortable spending 800£ on such a trendy piece when high street models looked so good.
My sweater dress is another high street brand – Zara. I’m a sucker for a good oversize sweater and every time I see one I like I get it. This one I choose because I thought it would go well with these boots.

The reason I like them is that they are warm and big and no matter how much you eat, you can never tell.
My cheap outfit I rounded up with white Prada bag and Dior sunglasses for a bit of chic. I felt it needed a bit polish so the whole outfit comes more together.

This outfit is great for a day out shopping, as it’s easy to take it off and try out new stuff, but also for drinks with friends as purple boots give it fun note.

I hope you like my fun and cozy weekend outfit. Let me know what are your go to weekend outfits.
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