Crop tops are very versatile items for the cold season

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Crop tops are very versatile items for the cold season

One trousers, two outfits.

The right crop top can transform an outfit from daytime casual to the night outfit.

In this post, I’m going to try to show you how to easily style two different crop tops.   So I’m having few errands today to do around town and an evening event to go to, but no time to go and change.

The solution is quite simple, I will keep my trousers and change my shoes and my top in the car.
With such a small change, hopefully, it will completely transform my outfit from day-to-night.

Fine knitted wool trousers by M&S are such a good item for the cold weather. They are conveniently quite warm but also versatile. Green is definitely the colour of the fall and you will be able to wear it with multiple items.

For both of my outfit I’ve chosen crop tops for a multitude of reasons. Reason 1, I wanted to show in both outfits the beauty of the fabric.

Reason 2, they are flattering for the figure.
When the cold weather creeps in and sweater season begins, there’s no more flattering item to style up than a cropped clothing items.

Big knits can remove all sign of a waistline, so Cropped items can be a good alternative to huge cover-ups.

They are also quite versatile to style because of their shorter hemlines. Cropped jumpers may look small, but the impact on the wardrobe could be big.
Again I’ve combined my season’s favourite trends, tailoring and atleisure. The combination of two seemingly incompatible trends gives it the dose of freshness. The white crop top, I wore previously on the blog and got many DM-s about it. This one was handmade and hand painted by my friend and extremely talented fashion illustrator Maya Beus.

For the second outfit, I went with a more classic approach. I’ve decided to go all green with accentuated shoulders jumper. The only non-green items were my bag and my shoes. The colour scheme for the second outfit remained in fall section. The bag was tan leather and shoes are momentarily ultra trendy leopard print.

I hope you like my take on the crop tops.

Thank you so much for visiting.

Lots of love,


Crop tops are very versatile items for the fall/winter season

Crop tops are very versatile items for the fall/winter season



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