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boiler suit

Wear head to toe denim for some understated glamour

Here is the last of the three outfits that I made with white boots. The last of the series of three but not the last one in total by any chance.

As I tried on Monday to sport a sparkly evening skirt as an office attire, I will try to show how a staple daytime garment can look lovely in the evening or even night-time.
As I’m having some drinks later in the day and I won’t have time to change my clothes I’m having this for day and drinks afterward. I’m not gonna lie, for running around town I’m gonna wear plain white sneakers but I promised to show you an outfit with white boots so…

Most people wouldn’t wear boiled suit further than your local grocery store, but t I want to show you how simple accessories can lift it into a perfectly presentable outfit.

Some of the most fashionable moments in the recent years have come out of denim looks.

Designers like Vetements, Frame or even Victoria Beckham are showing us how to use this everyday fabric in most unexpected ways.
What helps in this case, is that this jumpsuit is in the latest denim wash – indigo.

This true blue shade will definitely rule the denim world in the days to come, so now is the best time to embrace it into your occasion wear.

I’m not gonna lie this look gives me all kind of vibes.
As this is a jumpsuit, it gives that cool 90’s denim on denim vibe without actually being a separate item.
I’m wearing a white roll neck underneath to give it a bit more freshness, think Ralph Lauren in the 70’s and white high heels boots to elevate the look for the evening.
Last but not least, my aviator sunglasses in combination with this jumpsuit give me Tom Cruise in Top Gun kind of feel.
Please let me know if you liked my three white boot outfits and please let me know what other outfits or trends would you like me to cover.
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