Wear a shirt dress to beat the heat

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It’s the beginning of July and most of Europe has been hit by a heat wave, even in Britain, it is warmer than usual at this time of year. This means doing your daily errands is more difficult than usual.

Growing up in the Mediterranean makes me an expert in heat wave dressing.

In times like this it’s important to wear as little clothes as possible, but still, retain your fashion sense. A shirt dress is one of my go-to items when mercury in the thermometer reaches 30s.

For this post, I have partnered with Zsa Zsa boutique in Westbourne which helped me choose my outfit for today’s visit to the market.

Basket bag seemed logical a choice for a Summer stroll around town, and fur sliders I added for an unexpected twist to the outfit.

Hopefully, you like my outfit and please let me know what is your “beat the heat” solution.

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