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I discovered boxing only a few months ago and it won me over right from the start. Something that only started as a trial workout is now something I look forward to each week.

I have never been a workout person, the only thing I ever did was yoga or pilates, everything else would bore me quite quickly. That wasn’t the case with boxing, from the first moment I started doing it was really fun workout and unlike with any other workout, I feel sad when it’s over.

Lately, I’ve been posting some of my workouts on my Instagram and many of you asked me about how it is working out for me. That’s why my trainer Steve Bendall and I created this video for everyone to see how one of those look like.

Here is the video of my boxing workout, I hope you like it.

Please let me know what is your favorite workout.

Lots of love,



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  1. George G says:

    You’re pretty good on the punching bag, keep up the good work! Do you still train?

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