Wrap floral dress around you to be the star of the garden parties

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Wrap floral dress

Wrap yourself in a comfortable floral robe and you will be good for any garden party or BBQ.

I got this recently in Marks&Spencer and I love it for more than one reason. It’s colorful, vibrant and it extends the pajama trend that is so huge now. That’s one of the reasons why I paired it with fluffy slides, to make the outfit even more comfortable. I know the whole outfit together looks a bit like Norman Bates mother but I am feeling this relaxed vibe at the moment.

For a bit of sass I added large fish net tights. If you are not a big fan of them, you can go barefoot. Surprisingly, they add a bit of warmth to the body and are very comfortable.

Slouchy cream crossbody was my choice for this outfit as it gives me a oportunity to put all my stuff in but doesn’t overpower the outfit.

Hopefully you like my spring floral outfit. Please let me know what is your choice for spring garden parties.

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