Florals for spring -groundbreaking, brocade for spring, well that’s another story…

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“Florals for spring – groundbreaking”- was the famous quote that Meryl Streep said in iconic The devil wears Prada movie. With that quote she made us all rethink how to incorporate such a simple and repetitive trend into our wardrobe in a new and creative way.

My way of doing it is with brocade. That is another trend that has been around, and it allows us just that, to reinvent the old trend into new outfits. Brocade is having a renaissance at the moment, especially on the shoes. From Gucci to all the high street brands. Brocade loafers, as well as a brocade jacket, will go perfectly with blue jeans and crisp white shirt.

Khaki is having a moment this spring and I can’t get enough of it. Although, they will not hide the sins of overeating on bank holiday weekend.

Personally, I like keeping my looks relatively monochromatic, so this look today is leaning towards khaki green. My handbag and my sunglasses are in the same shade. An Accent is on my sunglasses. I intentionally wore round frames, which I don’t do very often, for a bit of playfulness.  If you are not a fan of the round frames, nice aviators will go perfectly with this or similar outfit.

I hope you like my spring floral look, there will be more of those this season. Let me know how you incorporate florals into your wardrobe.

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