Tropical Chic trend – the trend that came out of music covers, tv shows and cheesy postcards.

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Tropical chic has, long ago, overcome being thought of as just a holiday wardrobe. Initially, it started as something we wore on beaches of the Caribbean, quickly turning into the trend that for me will rule the season, at least in my wardrobe. Maybe I’m still in the Maldives vibe but I still can’t get enough of the green/white/pink combo. I wanna wear it in nails, clothes, accessories.

So it is today when I am going to a spring brunch organized by my friends on the top floor of the Hilton Hotel on the beautiful Dorset coast. Brunches and daytime parties are something that reminds me of holidays, so this look for me is an ideal choice for today.

As I already wrote earlier this Spring, green is such a fresh color, regardless if it is a khaki, grass or bottle green shade. I love this Zara jumpsuit, it’s such a versatile item that can take me from day-to-night and it has a very on point frill that makes it quite playful and ideal for parties.

A pink bomber jacket is a more fun version of a blazer in the warmer weather and pink sunglasses were a natural direction with the outfit.

My Zebra (calfskin) bag is a bit of a departure from the look but I like a bit of a twist and I felt it matches perfectly my white sandals.

Until recently, white shoes and bags were an absolute no-no in any fashionista’s world but they have arrived now and have brought a freshness to any Spring/Summer outfit.

I hope you like my take on Tropical Chic and please check back soon for more posts.

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