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Logo T

Logo T or a T-shirt with a message is my favorite item this spring. I’m gonna wear it with almost everything, skirts, jeans, pantsuit. It’s my spring summer 17 staple item.

As I am not really good with color, that is I like all the colors as long as they are black and white, again I decided for another monochromatic outfit to embrace the early spring sun.

The official date for spring is not until next week but I have already put away all of my winter coats and knitwear and from now on, its only light clothes for me. Yes, in all honesty, I am a bit cold today but it would be such a shame to put a heavy coat on top of such a cute outfit.

If you are deciding for a logo T or a T-shirt with a message you can put the one you stand for, the one that represents you best. My personality is very self-deprecating and I like to embrace humor in everyday life and for me, this kind of top is simply perfect.

Obviously, you don’t have to stick to monochromatic style as I did,  you can be creative and put colorful t-shirt or skirt with this outfit.

I hope you like another one of my monochromatic outfits. Thanks for reading and visiting.

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