Dog sitting duties with Rocky The Traveler

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From time to time I dog sit my friend Danny’s dog Rocky. Even tho I wouldn’t use that term dog sitting but spending time with my dearest friend Rocco (I call him like that).
Need I say that Rocco is the cutest English bull terrier you can ever meet and that he won my heart at first cuddle. Whenever we hang out we take long walks, go for coffees and lunches and posing for pictures, obviously.

Rocco is a colleague blogger like I am, so he is natural in front of the camera. He travels around world and documents his adventures on his blog and Instagram page. Not only he is good at it but he has far more followers than I do.
Our specialty is shopping. Rocco appreciates good outfit and as every real fashionista, this winter essential for him was a shearling coat.
He knows he is so pretty that he doesn’t need any clothes but sometimes he just puts some on, especially when he is looking for girls.

For our day together I tried to twin with him in black and white, but obviously, he wears it better.

Yesterday was one of those days where there was sunny for a bit and then rain and so on…I decided to channel my inner Marlon Brando with my biker boots, biker jacket, and baker boy hat. I softened it with comfy white knitted jumper. I’m taking advantage of the last cold days while I still can get away with my knitwear before I put it away till next winter.

I hope you like Rocco’s and mine adventures and pictures as well as my casual weekend outfit.
Have a nice Sunday and lots of love,

Rocco wins the competition in posing



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