A unique jumper will reinvent plain white skinny jeans 

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A unique jumper will reinvent plain white skinny jeans 

White skinny jeans is a certain sign that the spring is coming. Add some pretty ballerinas and you have a staple spring look.

Even though one of my favorite pieces of wardrobe, white skinny jeans can sometimes be quite, boring item. They are nowhere on any spring designer list or any of the latest fashion shows, so a person might think they are out of style.

Well, I think otherwise. First of all, only small amount of people can dress like on the fashion show, and most of us have ordinary lives and everyday duties we have to do. Grocery shopping, picking up kids from school, going to work and many other simple things that we do every single day.

The question is, how can we rework our pieces of clothing to make them appear more modern and more current.

I went with another simple item that I’m sure everyone has in their wardrobe, black roll neck, but to make thinks interesting I rounded the look with white cropped jumper with a hand painted black, heart on. Black heart is definitely an inspiration of the season, and soon you will be seeing it everywhere. This jumper is a work of art, of amazingly talented Croatian fashion illustrator Maya Beus and her brand Material.

Every item of clothing is custom-made for each customer, after detailed consultation.

My white skinnies are from Top Shop and handbag from Chanel. I decided to stay monochromatic but you can always play with colors, so maybe wear a millennial pink bag or jacket.

Hopefully, you like my black and white spring look.

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A unique jumper will reinvent plain white skinny jeans


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