White outfit to break the winter gloominess

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White outfit is literally my only weapon against this winter gloominess. February is one of the most depressing months (for reason is the shortest month of the year) and sometimes is so hard to get out of the bed in the morning. When I woke up this morning and saw the fog outside, all I wanted was to get back to bed and stay there. Unfortunately, I have so much to do today and that wasnt the option.

For that reason I have decided to wear the whitest outfit in my wardrobe to brighten up my morning.

Therefore I don’t have much to talk about, everything on me is white or off white. It wasnt really hard to colour coordinate. White is my favourite colour and in some way I try to incorporate it into my every day look. Today, I’ve chosen this off white knit jumper to keep me warm and to offer me some comfort, at least until I have my first coffee. I’ve paired it with my fave, last season’s Zara trousers. I wear them almost anywhere and they work quite well for a business meeting and for a night out.

White shoes are the item of the season and you can easily wear them with anything, from jeans to cocktail dress. I finished my white ensemble with white Michael Kors shoulder bag. For the day a larger neutral bag will do, but I wanted to stay in the same tone and I liked this one.

The only non white thing on me are my sunglasses, white rims would fit perfectly, but I need dark shades to cover my under-eye bags and to shield me from this sun that came out the moment I started shooting.

Well, it looks like we gonna have a nice sunny winter day, filled with light and good energy. Tomorrow is a weekend, yeey.

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