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Valentine is a really annoying holiday. Definitely my least favorite. If you are single all the couples that are especially cuddly on that day are unbearable. On the other hand, if you are in a relationship it’s a whole new set of problems. What to get to your significant other, how expensive a gift should be, you just spent a load on Christmas so what if you just get him a card…Should I even mention those petty aftermath issues, when a girl at work you can’t stand comes with a picture of Louboutin shoes and Kim Kardashian style flower wall when all you got was a card that says “You make me cum to life.” The struggle is real.

I can approach this problem only one way.

I am in a relationship so I kinda like other in love couples ✔️

I don’t have a desk job so, therefore no annoying coworkers ✔️

Come up with what to buy for my fiancé ✖️

As I was completely out of ideas I went straight to the source, and by source, I’m thinking my best friend, fashion stylist, lifestyle guru and epitome of style Marko Grubnic. He helped me choose few things that gave me some ideas and I hope they will help you too.

Marko travels the world and on any of his journeys, he likes to come back with authentic gifts for his loved ones or himself. At his last visit to Paris, he got this amazing book with Yves Saint Laurent graphics. At the moment you can’t buy it online, but a book is always an interesting gift. If your boyfriend or husband is into fishing get him a fishing book and if he is into drinks get him a cocktail mixing manual.

If he was good to you and treated you nicely, you can be nice back and get him this limited edition Dolce & Gabanna Parfum. Marko’s favourite is Desert Oud from D&G’s Velvet collection but you can get him any other perfume. Litlle tip, for a man, never choose a perfume that he likes, choose the one that you would like to smell on him.

As Marko is a very stylish man, he suggests that if you know the size of your man’s feet you opt for these classy Chelsea boots that are some of the last things that Riccardo Tisci designed for GIVENCHY.

If you decide to buy your man some footwear, keep in mind his style and the rest of his wardrobe.

Marko thinks that personalised gifts are always the most intimate. It’s the way to show your man you were thinking only about him and it gives such a nice personal touch. It’s always unique and to be honest, quite cool. Marko choose passport wallet from Louis Vouitton and cashmere scarf but if you don’t want to break the bank a personalised bottle of his favourite drink will do the trick.

For the end, I left my favourite Marko’s suggestion. I love when my fiancé dresses smartly and he always so so sexy while putting on the cufflinks. For his first birthday in a relationship, I got him some Burberry cufflinks and he still says they are his favourite. When he goes to work they are there with him to always remind him of me. It’s like my heart is on his sleeve. If that is not token of love, I don’t know what is.

I hope you liked Marko’s suggestions and I helped you find the things, same ones or a bit more approachable. I hope you have a nice Valentines, regardless of you being single or in a relationship.

Love each other every day. Lots of love from Marko and me.


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