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Rock chic is my go to style whenever I want to be casual and a bit edgy. As much as I am concerned, old-looking t-shirts from a various band’s concerts and leather trousers will always be in fashion. So it is this Friday.

Everyone knows that Friday is a casual day. It’s almost weekend and if you can get away a bit earlier from work and meet your girls for a glass of bubbles, it’s the best day of the week. On Fridays, I have a little tradition. Whenever I can and have time I stop by my favorite flower shop on Notting Hill and get some flowers for the weekend. They have the most amazing choice in London. The only trouble is if you come late, much like me today, there are not many flowers left. I’m not sure what’s my favorite thing about this flower shop, the fact they have a unique choice, the fact they have a fresh delivery every day or that their name is “Wild at Heart”. I like to think that I can relate to the last one 🙂

Back to the clothes part. So anyone who has seen any of my previous posts knows that I am very much into convenience. When I say convenience I mean outfits that can easily go from day to-night from office to evening out. If you only add a sweater to this outfit you have a simple but effective office attire and if you add some dark lip or a piece of jewelry you can easily go clubbing.

With outfits like this, you can play with a different accessory but you need to be careful to remain stylish rather than looking like you are going to an actual concert.

My life mantra when embracing a style of a certain era, (like 70’s or 80’s) or fashion direction, (like goth or punk) is: “Don’t wear a costume, bend it in your own style”.

Hopefully you like my casual Friday look and I inspired you to have a bit of fun with dressing too.

Enjoy your weekend and be safe.

Lots of love



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