Crisp white for winter business look

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A crisp white look is always a good idea for business and meeting. Somehow, it seems that this winter all I want to wear is light colours, It probably has something to do with the grey weather. Light colours seem to brighten up gloomy winter days.

Another combination seems to be reoccurring mix with me and that is black and white. I don’t want to become a cliché and walk around in the same colour scheme all the time, but this duo-chrome seems to be my winning combo for office days and meetings.

You could wear this any trousers and it would look nice, but, cropped trousers are still quite a thing.  Also, I wanted to show off these Chanel look booties with a black ribbon that I am in love with at the moment. I followed a theme of the black ribbon on the shirt to mimic the tie from a business suit.

The whole outfit has slightly masculine tone, so these bows are something that I believe give it a bit of a feminine touch.

If you don’t think my hat is strictly business attire you can opt to go without it. I am wearing a hat to save me from harsh winter weather rather than to serve a fashion purpose.

I hope you like another one of my duo-chromatic looks and let me know what are your favourite business looks.

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Photos: Samantha Sheldon



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