Cosy outfit for a winter day at the beach

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Cosy outfit and a walk on the beach is the only thing I can think of after very busy week in my native Croatia. Even though it’s still quite chilly and windy outside, there is nothing like fresh sea breeze to blow away the cobwebs.

My weekends are usually reserved for spending time in nature and every chance I get I take a stroll down the beach. I like the feel of the wind caressing my cheekbones and tangling my hair. For me, it’s the feel of freedom and carelessness, the true feeling of being in the moment. Nature recharges my batteries, clears my thoughts and helps to put things into perspective when I feel confused.

For walks like these, I like to stay comfortable but stylish as well. In the winter months, my go-to comfy clothes are knitwear. Cream knitted dress seems so appropriate for moments like these, especially in combination with sheepskin boots. My laziness got me to discover that if you wear them on a cold day on your bare feet they warm up immensely. Such a treat on a winter day.

Olive green military coat is this season essential in any fashionista’s wardrobe and if made from a good wool it will keep you warm and stylish at the same time.

In the spring months, we will see many colourful bags so my choice for this orange Marc Jacobs bucket bag is quite obvious. It fits perfectly in this colour scheme of olive green, cream and grey. For me, a hint of colour on an otherwise colourless outfit is always a good idea to make the appearance pop.

I hope you like my all wool outfit and it will inspire you for your next casual weekend outing. Please share with me your favourite casual winter outfits.

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Thre is nothing like some good knit on a winter day at the beach



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