Colourful outerwear to stand out in the sea of black coats

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In the winter most of our outerwear is dark coloured, either black brown or grey. Here and there we can see some navy, dark green and burgundy which are still all very dark colours.

Last few seasons I genuinely enjoy wearing bright and light clothes, especially the cover ups.

Whenever I want to stand out, I swap my dark coats for something a little more vibrant and interesting. Because in the winter months, your outerwear is sometimes the only way to show the world just how stylish you are.

Bright colours are especially good for Mondays because the vibrant colours are proven to brighten your mood. I opted for nude heels as I am not planning to walk lots on the outside but a coat like this would be perfect with white trainers or nude suede boots.

Lilac is the colour of the SS 17 but you will not go wrong if you wear it all winter too. I choose the rest of the outfit to be white and simple to accentuate the beauty of the coat. If you don’t like wearing white in the winter or you don’t feel comfortable in it, this coat will be beautiful with all black outfit underneath.

If you feel daring, with white trousers or skirt underneath the pink or lilac coat wear a baby blue top. For a simpler combo, you can wear plain blue jeans and white turtleneck.

I hope you like my light winter combo and please let me know what are your favourite colourful winter items.

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