LBD (little black dress)will take you through the party season

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I look forward to weekends like it’s the first one ever, specially in the party season.

Breakfasts turn into brunch, brunch into lunch or supper and there you are toasting at someone’s Christmas party.

For days like this, (and who hasn’t had few of those) you need something versatile that will take you from day to-night.

And what is more versatile than LBD?

In this case I went for celebratory late lunch so I could get away with a bit of a cleavage, but this dress will go perfectly with cream roll neck underneath, preferably sleeveless.

Also if you like for a day version you can wear ankle boots which will add some edginess to it. I like mixing prints so if you are wearing something simple like this you can get away with leopard and stripes together, but in that case keep jewlery to the minimum.

At every party I end up singing (I’m not saying good) but if you are like me make sure your LBD stays put (LOTS OF TAPE) so you sing and dance freely without having to think about the clothes.
I hope you like my take on party dressing and please share what type of LBD you like?



Photos: Samantha Sheldon


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