How to stay stylish in the cold weather in four easy steps

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Staying stylish in the cold has always been a trouble to me. It’s hard to look cool when all you want is to cuddle up under the covers or go everywhere in a skiing suit. With today being first day of the winter I will try to tackle that issue.

For me the solution has always been to dress in layers. Even though England never gets too cold (its 12 degrees Celsius today) it’s still cold enough to layer up. The question that comes to mind is how to layer and not to turn into onion. This morning on my way to the meeting I was thinking to myself how to stay warm and remain stylish in the cold weather and this is what I came up.

Step one: Cover as much skin as possible, never leave even an inch uncovered.

Step two: Layer, layer, layer and again layer. Dressing in layers can often make you look a bit chunky, but with a nice belt and a bit of tucking in can look really nice.

Step three: When layering choose a colour pattern of the same or similar colours and stick with it because otherwise can look messy altogether.

Step four: add something light or white to brighten up the outfit and keep accessories to the minimum.

Here I’m wearing vintage suede skirt followed by the ASOS suede boots, Longchamp olive suede bag and New Look olive coat and Apple leather iPhone case.

I hope you like my tips for staying warm and stylish. Please let me know what are your solutions on looking cool in the cold.

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    1. Megical says:

      Thank you Skye for your comment, those are all very useful tips. I hope I will do better next time.

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