Skin detox for healthy and bright complexion this winter

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Skin detox is as important as body detox. After endless parties and sleepless nights in December, it’s time to do something beneficial for our skin. Like some of you are practicing a dry January, think about dry January for your skin.

It’s not really new information that layers of make up combined with a steamed up atmospheres and busy clubs are a nightmare for our pores and complexion so why not turn to skin detox in the most boring month of the year.

To start of its important to give skin a good exfoliate to remove all the make up leftovers and sebum clusters that were left by sweating your ass of to Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” with full make up on.

Every time I want a more thorough clean and exfoliate I use pure glycollic acid that I bought on Amazon. I don’t use it regularly, but if you want to do a 6 course treatment January is perfect time to do so. It comes with neutralisation and a small brush for easier appliance. You can only use it for few minutes and then remove it with warm water after previously neutralising it with gel. It burns out all the dead skin cells that lay on the top of your skin and don’t let products absorb.

After that its time to give your skin some moisture surge.

Every winter I use the skin brightening formulas. Before I used Strivectin resurfacing serum, but since it stopped being produced I’ve switched on to the Elisabeth Arden White Glove Extreme set. This doesn’t make you whiter, it just removes any sun damage or spots that make your skin look uneven.¬†This nighttime capsules work while the skin recovers during sleep to help reduce the appearance of excess pigmentation and dark spots. As it’s packed with vitamin C and collagen it renews the skin and it makes it stronger and firmer.

For me this is the best combo for skin detox, please let me know what is yours. Have a lovely week.

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