How to decorate holiday table with not much money and effort

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While waiting for my friends and family to arrive for lunch I decided to share a few pictures of my Christmas dinner table and maybe give you a few tips if you are having people over during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

I like keeping things simple until I don’t. Let me explain. A simple white tablecloth is always a winner for me, especially at Christmas. It gives you a blank canvas to create things on top of and gives an opportunity for details to pop. For example you can put colourful vintage dish-ware. I like keeping everything white and glasses always transparent, even for Christmas.

When you are having guests arrive, if you know who is drinking which wine, accordingly spread out the appropriate wine glasses.

Try having one visible theme while decorating the table. I’ve chosen cranberries, as they are very festive and they look good on the table. For an extra touch I put some fresh cranberries in a small fruit bawl with water. I feel it gives a nice touch.

When adding the details try adding something interesting or personal. I always try to incorporate my fiancé’s family tartan into Christmas decorations and ribbon from my native Croatia.

It’s nice if you prepare small gifts for your guests to take home with them. You don’t have to go overboard with gifts or wrapping. Organic chocolate in tissue paper with fresh pine sprigs will look stunning and guests will be impressed.

Candles are really important, they give the ambiance light and create romantic atmosphere. No mater how many you have , it will never be too much.

I don’t like candle sticks, I prefer a simple candle tray. I always choose big candles for the middle and tea lights for around the table and the room. If you feel creative you can incase candles with small pine sprigs to add to the festive spirit.

These are all simple do it yourself ideas that you can easily do at home for not much money.
Hopefully they will help you when decorating your Holiday table.
Please let me know what are your holiday table decorations ?

Lots of love and Marry Christmas



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