Change your fishnet for polka dot taights to step up the party game

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Polka dots are my favourite holiday party accessory.

For a long time fishnet tights have been everywhere. Fishnets are in almost any editorial and in any magazines you can find. They are good alternatives to bare legs or even black opaque tights. It’s time for a change and the best way to do that is with polka dots.

December is booming with parties and sometimes it is difficult to always look on point and create new fresh looks for each and every one of them. Accessories are a clever way to mix your everyday essentials in a completely new way.
Polka dots are easiest to combine with simple black dresses as I did for lunch with my friends here.

If you don’t want a too polished look they will go amazing with biker boots and a biker jacket, or under ripped distressed jeans.

Personally I don’t like wearing them with a lot of colour but I would wear them with stripy outfits to mix a clash of patterns.
For a pop of colour you can add an interesting print bag like I did here with this handcrafted book clutch that I found on Etsy or add some colourful jewellery.
Lil tip at the end, don’t drink too much at your lunches (especially with English people) because you might be struggling to find your way home and don’t spend all of your taxi money then try to win it back in slot machines (yes I’m talking from personal experience)

Enjoy the holidays.

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