The most beautiful Christmas windows in London

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 Tis the season to be shopping and London turns into a magical wonderland filled with Christmas lights, jingle bells and mistletoe. Now, some may say that Christmas has become too commercial but if you’re like me, and you take one stroll down the Bond street, your inner shopaholic will shine like a Christmas tree star.
Even though some of the Christmas sales have already started it’s impossible to buy everything we want. I hope some of you are lucky enough do so, but for the rest of us there is window shopping.

While doing some Christmas shopping of my own, I went around town and saw all the decorations on full display. It was beautiful all around with all the shops competing to see who will have better Christmas ornaments.

One of my favourite is Fenwick department store. With welcoming lights at the entrance, retro truck in the window and funny messages on the Christmas balls they’ve hit the right spot with my shopaholic spirit.

Jimmy Choo has put their famous shoes on their version of the Christmas dinner table.

French luggage-wear giant Louis Vuitton went a step further and in every windows w has a small mechanical winter scene with meerkats and bears. It’s beautiful and creative way of displaying lovely designer goodies.

Chanel made simple but effective shimmering gilt straw decorations that don’t take much attention from their clothes.

On the same path has stayed another French brand. Hermes showed their fashionable and extremely expensive items on a festive snail heading to the mountain.

Jo Malone decorated its window in very festive way, displaying larger size of their gift boxes, in the window but in front of the store too.

Victoria’s Secret store in Bond Street celebrates their latest Paris show with fluffy feathers and pink ribbons, inviting you into their angelic world of lingerie.

A lot of brands like Dior, Prada and Cavalli have decided to play with metallic Christmas balls that gave a vintage touch of the 70s and 80s New Year Eve’s celebration.

Brand Burberry on the other hand decided on a more modern approach using paper honeycomb Christmas balls.


Some of them stayed true to themselves, like Stella McCartney, which for many years running has its unique neon light display all over their headquarters building on Barkley square.


At the end I would like to praise specially clever DSquarred2 solution of the advent calendar in their shop window, where every little (or in this case big box) has another item designed by the brand.


There are many more beautiful Christmas windows in London but that’s my choice of the most interesting ones. If you are in London don’t miss bright lights of beautiful Regent street or the St James’s area, buzzy decor of Oxford Street or the glitzy light of Mayfair.

I hope you liked it and please comment if you don’t.

Please let me know what are your favourite Christmas windows and decorations in your cities.

Lots of love



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  1. Ljupka says:

    Ajme Hermes mi je vrh <3

    Divan post draga! Hvala sto si ovo podjelila s nama koji necemo do Londona ove sezone :*

    1. Megical says:

      Hvala ti draga

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