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We are in the month of endless parties and after the weekend of sheer tops and sequins it’s time for something else. Monday gives you an opportunity to start fresh. And what better way to start your week than with a clean, fresh look.

Showing up on Monday in your office, or wherever, in head to toe nude will give you that polished, put together look that usually only cool girls pull it off. You know the ones, the ones that wear white and manage not to spill on it.

All jokes aside, nude does have that cleanliness of minimalism but warmth of the layered multi-coloured outfit.

In this case I’m wearing Zara trousers with sleeveless Top Shop polo neck top. Sleeveless polo neck tops are quite a thing for a few seasons already so you can find them almost anywhere and with modern-day heating you don’t even need a cardigan over.

As its winter it’s necessary to keep warm when walking outside so to keep me warm I’ve chosen this beautiful cashmere Max Mara coat. I’m wearing Louboutin pigalle heels on my feet, but you might as well wear some ballet flats or loafers as well. They will be equally good. Ad some wool hat to keep the head warm and you have yourself an outfit.

I hope you like my nude look and please let me know what is your fave Monday dressing.

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