Making a Summer dress work for Fall

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We’ve all been there, buying things in the Summer sales and wishing We could have a few more warm days.

Thankfully this season even the top designers are layering up.

Well I can’t say I discovered the wheel, with my lil mix but, it’s an idea to consider.

My (summerish) maxi military green dress I combined with chunky cardigan and grey boot and in a split second it became a nice Autumn outfit.

Please share what are your Summer – Fall hacks?



Long military green dress, cream sweater and brey ankle boots


  1. Danny says:

    This is exciting and I love the photos, you are very natural with modeling. Would love to see some men’s fashion covering dressing up summer style but for the fall.

  2. Abir ahmar says:

    I really think this is brilliant because i can combine summer and winter clothes to make an outfit since i always feel guilty buying clothes on sale as i usually leave them in the closet to wear the next year!

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