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My dear friends,

If you ask me, it’s already a weekend. Sometime around Wednesday I start thinking about places to go for a glass of bubbles on Friday night, the moment I finish my last commitment. Even more importantly, what will I wear. Panicking starts – do I have any new outfits and will I be able to make it home in time to change.

In my career I’ve been working on various jobs and some of them involved staying late in the office.

During that time I perfected changeable dressing. When I say changeable, I mean the outfit that can easily transform itself from office geek to club vixen on the back seat of the cab.

Ok, I know this isn’t really office look, but I’m a blogger and a creative person, so online shop owners don’t really expect me to show up at meetings in a pant suit.

The lace skirt is huge this season, and if you combine it cleverly you can put it into few different outfits, meaning it won’t lay around after only one outing.

For the day, it can look preppy with crisp blue cotton shirt, pink bomber and stilettos. If you want to dress it down, opt for flat, ballerina style shoes.

For en evening look you can wear lace body underneath the skirt so it blends all together. For an edgier feel put black biker jacket and dark lip. It will give you a bit of goth feel to the ensemble.

For the evening, strappy sandals will add to the sex appeal.

Hopefully you liked my little fashion hack. I wish you enjoy this weekend somewhere fabulous and that your outfit is on point.

Lots of love,

Maggie 🍸



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  1. Naomi says:

    Wow really interesting, this would be great for the London professional women who live at the office and go straight to the bar and clubs. Excellent ideas and great photos!

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