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There is something intriguing about simple, clean black and white look. It always makes you look put together without being too much in your face. Wether it’s for the office or the evening out, black and white attire always look expensive and elegant. The contrast of light and darkness plays optic illusion so it’s also a way to make you look slimmer.

Combine it smartly and it can take you from office to a club, especially if underneath the wrap blazer you have a lace bralet you can get into, when the beats drop in the club.

If you decide to wear this trend don’t add any other colour because it won’t have remotely same effect. Even if you want to add some jewelry try focusing on these two (non)colours. Copy paste the same advice on the shoes as well. An item or accessory with black and white stripes pattern will always give a modern take on the look.

Simple make up will go nicely but if you want to add some colour peachy blush or red lip will do the trick.

Please share your favorite black and white look.




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