Bell sleeve trend 

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It’s been a while since this trend has arrived but just recently it reached its peak. 

I feel that everywhere I look there are bell sleeves, runways, celebrities, bloggers.

A benefit of this trend is if you are tall and curve-less (read flat) it can give some volume to your look. Sometimes it’s difficult to add curve but bell sleeves kinda do that and without making you look fat. ✔️✔️

If you want to add even more volume Autumn and Winter are the right seasons for that and if you wanna do so, layering is the way to go.

I took a risk here and combined bell sleeves with also another ample item and that is a chunky cardigan. I personally like it because it’s cosy and it will keep you warm, but you definitely should think about possibility of keeping the rest of the outfit sleek and minimal. That way you will not overdo it with the trend and bell sleeves are more in focus. 

Obviously have fun with it and let me know what are your fave bell sleeve outfits. 


Photos: Samantha Sheldon 

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