Happy Halloween with some knitwear

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Last week I got all tired from the city buzz and so I went to a little house in the forest to clear my head and to film an episode of Maggie’s World. The fall this year has been nothing but nice and it was real pleasure filming this time. As this weekend is Halloween I decided to put together this fun holiday and fashion trend knitwear  to create warm and cozy fall vlog.  When I was a child my grandmother Manda used to look after me and those memories are my favorite childhood memories. In the winter, we would sit by the fire and she would teach me how to knit. I didn’t knit since so I took few lessons from dear Mrs. Carol who refreshed that knowledge. In this episode, I try to give you a speed knitting lesson so you can give unique Christmas gifts this holiday season. 
I hope you like this new spooky episode and have a nice day and weekend.
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